Khoomei Overtone/Throat Singing Workshop

2-days intensive workshop

Creating music with your own voice! Singing-dancing-playing with groovy vocal overtones to the sounds of trad.Instruments like Mongolian Horse Head Fiddle (Morin Khuur) & Tuvan Banjo (Dosh Puluur)!

From the very first minute: singing, dancing-having fun with your own voice!! Through Rhythm & Groove of Siberian Khoomei Throat Singing!!

Beneficial side effects: Healthy and vibrant singing and speaking voice!, harmonizing effects on body and soul! Release of tensions and energy congestion! Arjopa-Leading female Throat Singer from the Western World leads gently, competently and sensitively her students to Khoomei Throat Singing. As music therapist (with 25 years of teaching experience!), Arjopa received exclusively training as throat singer from well-known luminaries of shamanic Khoomei singing in Tuva.

  • Arjopa’s workshop focuses on developing and expanding one’s own vocal possibilities with the help of archaic vocal techniques from Siberia:Improvisations while sitting, standing & dancing
  • voice & movement!!
  • Khoomei Melody Singing to
  • Tuvan Banjo (Dosh Puluur) and Frame drum (Düng Dür)
  • vocal space awareness
  • Breathing training
  • ear training
  • Improvisations on songs composed by Arjopa
  • sing-along/dance-along concert

Please bring:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Writing utensils
  • 1 – 2 l non-carbonated water
  • Cheerfulness