Kham Naar – Free your Inner Voice!

Kham Naar Is a powerful voice & singing-based system to strength body, mind and spirit. Created by Arjopa – Leading female Khöömei expert and Voice & Music Therapist from the Western world.

Since the early 1990ies Arjopa developed Kham Naar based on ancient tradition, personal experience and in cooperation with native siberian luminaries of healing with voice and song.

Kham Naar is for everyone who wants to discover their inner voice & express themselves. To draw strength & magic for everyday life. Learn how to generate your own sound massage from within ! – and how to bathe in magical sounds and resonate healing vibrations – just through your own voice

Arjopa offers Kham Naar for groups up to 20 people,as well, as private sound massage and intuitive sound healing sessions.

Enjoy Arjopas vibrating voice, singing archaic techniques like Khoomei, Kargiyraa, and Urtiin Duu accompanied by traditional instruments such as Düng Dür, Campanula, Dosh Puluur. Alongside energy work and trance, she offers musical journeys for your personal healing path.

Benefits of Kham Naar:

  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • To work with your own psychological themes
  • Discover the magic of the mystic of your own voice