• Arjopa

    Leading female Throat Singer from the Western World

  • Arjopa

    Die führende Kehlsängerin aus der westlichen Welt


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About Arjopa / Über Arjopa

Arjopa weaves a “Magic Carpet” of Siberian Khoomei (Throat Singing), hypnotic String Sounds, Jew’s Harp-flangers, evocative beats and lyrics in 4 languages.

Her “Trance Siberian Khoomei Sounds” are a magical synthesis of modern Western music, advanced electronic sounds & traditional Asian instruments and vocal techniques. Arjopa creates odd sound collages, that takes audience into a world beyond time and space.

Her voice makes even Taiga Spirits dance!

Arjopa: Throat Singing, Vocals, Guitars, Cello, Dosh Puluur, Shaman Drum Electronix

Arjopa grew up in Berlin with the music of her ancestors. Since her childhood she works with the ancient asian vocal techniques and mixes them with western music, and elements of Jazz and Folk-Rock. The leading female Throat Singer from the Western World (born in Berlin, Germany), has the acclaim of the Tuvan Ministry of Culture, The Tuvan Khoomei Society, Int. Khoomei Academy and well known Tuvan Khoomei Masters such as: Albert Kuvezin ( Yat-Kha), Gendos (Gennady Chamzyryn) and Kongar-ool Ondar (Movie: “Genghis Blues“).

“The Berlin vocal cord didgeridoo“ (TIP Berlin), „Berlin’s most spectacular voice“ (Zitty Berlin), „The leading female throat singer from the western world“ (TAZ Berlin) is a welcome guest on European and Asian festival stages.

Since the early 1990s she has been working together with well-known artists, e.g. Jürgen von der Lippe, Alexander Hacke, Wladimir Kaminer, Lotti Huber, Rosa von Praunheim. In addition, she participated in video installations by Jenna Sutella and on film soundtracks with musicians from the circles of Hans Zimmer and Johann Johannsson

Arjopa webt einen schamanisch- kraftvollen Klangteppich aus sibirischem Kehlgesang (Khoomei), hypnotischen Saitenklängen, Maultrommel- Flangern, beschwörenden Beats, und Texten in 4 Sprachen. Arjopa erschafft Klang-Collagen, die den Zuhörer in Windeseile in eine Welt jenseits von Zeit und Raum entführen.

Hier tanzen die Taiga-Geister mit!
Arjopa: Khoomei-Kehlgesang, Vocals, Cello, Gitarren, Dosh Puluur.

Arjopa wuchs in Berlin mit der Musik ihrer Vorfahren auf. Seit frühester Jugend beschäftigt sie sich mit den archaischen Vokaltechniken asiatischer Taiga- & Steppenvölker, und verbindet diese mit westlicher Musik, u.a. mit Elementen aus Jazz und Folk-Rock. Die führende Khoomeiji (Kehlsängerin) aus der westlichen Welt (Berlin, Deutschland), hat die als eine der ganz wenigen westlichen Khoomeiji die Anerkennung des Kulturministeriums der Republik Tuva & der Int. Khoomei Academy, sowie die bekannte tuvinischer Khommei – Meister wie: Albert Kuvezin (Yat-Kha), Gendos (Gennady Chamzyryn) und Kongar-ool Ondar.

Das Berliner Stimmband-Didgeridoo“ (TIP Berlin), „Die Spektakulärste Stimme Berlins“ (Zitty Berlin), „Die führende Kehlsängerin aus der westlichen Welt“ (TAZ Berlin) ist ein gern gesehener Gast auf europäischen und asiatischen Festivalbühnen.

Bereits seit den frühen 90er Jahren arbeitet sie mit namhaften Künstlern interdisziplinär zusammen, z.B. Jürgen von der Lippe, Alexander Hacke, Wladimir Kaminer, Lotti Huber, Rosa von Praunheim. Darüber hinaus wirkt sie bei Videoinstallationen von Jenna Sutella und an Filmsoundtracks mit Musikern aus dem Umfeld von Hans Zimmer und Johann Johannsson mit.

 I´m so excited!! Looking forward to teach my Khoomei Throat Singing in Italy!
Here the English Version of the Italian Text
02 October
Arjopa is an internationally renowned artist with more than forty years of experience in the field.
Trained in opera singing, dance and acting, after an initial approach to Jazz music, she specializes in Song of Harmonics with
numerous studies and trips in contact with teachers and performers in Mongolia and Tuva.
At the Retreat she will bring her mature teaching with particular attention to the so-called throat-singing, a precise phonatory modality at the
base of some specific styles of traditional harmonic singing.
Limited places due to specific educational choice, for information and reservations please contact the email:
association. alterjinga@gmail.com
It is wonderful to be able to invite you to the new edition of the National Retreat of Harmonic Singing, from 30 September to 02 October 2022, the reference event for singers, artists, operators in the wellness sector or simply curious.
As you should know every year the event sees three different teachers, Italian and foreign, try to offer a structured progression (from zero to where the group shows they want to arrive) on the topic, addressing with equal importance technique, expression, history, theory and practice of this discipline so fascinating from many points of view.
This year I will be joined by a teacher of rare depth and sensitivity, Abhishek Michele Budai who together with me will represent the „Italian share“ of the event.
Guest of honor Arjopa Khoomeiji an artist with forty years of experience, a name that I have long hoped to bring to Italy, custodian of a very solid teaching on different styles and issues related to the Mongolian and Tuvan tradition of Harmonic Song.
We are waiting for you to live a unique experience, with exclusive contents compared to any other seminar on the subject, you cannot miss it!
P.S. I took the liberty of tagging a few contacts that I would like to participate: if you can reach us in many I will be happy to create a nice interweaving of Voices 🤗

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